For landlords

For landlords

Real estate is a popular form of investment. But before the first rent flows, the first pitfall threatens! Because if you sign a purchase contract without talking to your tax advisor beforehand, you may be giving away taxes.

Please arrange an appointment before the purchase to get everything right right away.



Talk to us before the purchase – and save taxes


Our Services

Even after a successful purchase, there are a few things to consider in order to get the most out of a rental.

Your tax consultant Schopp will support you with your letting:

Rechtsformen von Unternehmen

We analyse your sales contract according to tax aspects.

In the case of repairs and maintenance after the purchase, we help with optimal tax planning.

Are you planning to rent to entrepreneurs? Talk to us about how you can get the input tax back from the rental costs.

If you would like to let at a reduced price to relatives or friends, we will help you find the tax-optimal rent.

Of course we will also be happy to prepare your tax return.