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Ignorance of the tax laws does not exempt from the obligation to pay taxes. But knowledge often does.


Amschel Meyer Rothschild

No matter what situation you find yourself in, taxes take up a small or large part of your life. Because whether you are successfully self-employed, run a business or are employed. The state wants a piece of your pie. In addition, the subject of taxes and duties leads to bureaucratic tasks that have to be fulfilled.


On my way so far I have got to know the topic of taxes from different perspectives. I know both the approach of the tax authorities and the way entrepreneurs and tax consultants think.


With this knowledge, we can defend your piece of the cake against the tax authorities. A team of experienced assistant tax consultants is always at my side. With our help you can concentrate on what you do best: your business. We support you with bookkeeping, advance notifications as well as profit determination and tax returns. Therefore, you have your head free to be successful. We guide you through the maze of tax law.

Your tax consultant Michael Schopp